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Dallas Jenkins Reveals Future Plans For The Chosen on The Beat

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Have you ever wondered about so many things that people continually speculate on about The Chosen? Things like...

"What will the upcoming seasons be about? What about their relationship with Angel Studios now that there's been a dispute between the companies? What about future projects outside of The Chosen? What about so many of the controversies that The Chosen has been part of in the past?

Dallas doesn't spell out every single answer in minute detail, but he does give very real and sufficient answers here.

Also, if you haven't seen Allan Parr's The Beat podcast, it's pretty decent, and I find his relaxed nature behind the mic very inspiring at times. I don't always agree with him, nor should every Christian always agree with each other. But I consider him a brother in Christ. That's the agreement that matters.

Most of all, I find this interview inspiring and very informative. Probably the best interview with Jenkins I have seen, and I have seen many, many interviews with him.

Some of the subjects they tackle here are...

  1. How Dallas was inspired to make The Chosen
  2. How they got it made with Angel
  3. What is the impact of The Chosen?
  4. Handling criticism, including the rainbow flag & LDS controversy
  5. Sneak Peak into end of this season and The Chosen's future

Some really great stuff is here to help you get grounded in the show again, and know that they have many great things planned in the future, even though their partnership with Angel may be at stake, due to their current legal arbitration pending.

I especially enjoy the fact that he mentions potential spin-off shows and films, including a possible spin-off show on The Acts of the Apostles. Now, to do this without Angel Studios is another question, because funding and distribution must still be acquired. Do I doubt they can do this? Absolutely not. But, the question is what methods and what production companies and management will be hired to do this properly? Will it have the same vibrancy as The Chosen? And how will this be insured?

My feeling is that Dallas and The Chosen ought to work to build a platform similar to Angel... a separate crowdfunding platform that makes these specific sorts of productions, in a similar way. The Come and See Foundation could be the solution they need to start do0ing this.

But who knows what they may decide? Until their legal dispute is resolved we may not know (not only) when Season 4 will arrive to streaming, but what they may have liberty to do with their own IP.

We will see.

Did you enjoy this The Beat video/podcast? What are your feelings on the future of Dallas Jenkins and The Chosen? Let us know down below (with subscription) or on our social media!