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The Daily Wire Stares Down Barrel of Wokescolds in Hollywood... and Release "Lady Ballers" Anyway

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Just how does Jeremy Boreing and the gang at The Daily Wire do what they do, despite the incredible visceral hate they get from wokescolds on a daily basis? Looks like a combination of chutzpa and strategic brilliance.

Chutzpa how? They stare down media hatred, and pull the lever anyway.

Strategic how? They release products and projects to the public with seeming prophetic accuracy because they are doing it in coordinated response to events happening in the world, at that time.

It's knowing when to give the knee jerk reaction, and when to hold off on the response until you can make it count. It's like waiting for when you know your knee jerk reaction will meet your violent attacker right in the nards with sufficient strength and accuracy. That's when to release the Kraken!

This is how they started Jeremy's Razors & Jeremy's Chocolates. It's how they introduced BentKey and Snow White and the Evil Queen to us. And it's how they know they we need to see Lady Ballers right now. We are so starved of authentic comedy it is painful. Instead we get people like Stephen Colbert, and John Oliver pretending to be experts on subjects, as they opine about how you should be getting your booster shots and not paying attention to legitimate concerns in the news. They lack any understanding of what authentic comedy might even look like, as they peer down their nose through their told-you-so mother-in-law readers. They make the principle mistake in Hollywood for comedians... they are not even funny.

But this is just how Hollywood works now. Not only do they not know how to make super hero films any longer (they aren't entertaining), they also don't know that they're supposed to be taking artistic risks in order to refresh the line up of franchises (too many sequels), and they don't understand the purpose of celebrity anymore either (to be relatable to the public). They've failed in almost every way that a free market industry is meant to perform. Could it be that the people in Hollywood actually don't believe in free markets (and therefore innovative ideas) anymore?


So, we get this brilliance, instead.

And, it is happening... TONIGHT!

8PM on DW+.

How did it happen? They had to keep it under wraps. In Boreing's interview with Patrick Bet David, he states why they did this.

In this Timcast interview, Boreing says they even had to use a fake name for the film ("Coach Miracle") so nobody would even know it was a comedy, especially not a comedy with these themes.

Daily Wire has also been putting out their own reactions to seeing the trailer, such as Crain & Co, who got to see their own performances in the trailer.

And Matt Walsh, who is clearly amazing in this film, shows us an extended clip of the introduction we get to his character in the film. Hilarious!

I am going to seriously enjoy watching this tonight! I pray it is as irreverent as it looks!

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