DailyWire+ Shares Epic Behind-the-Scenes Adventure of The Pendragon Cycle in Their First Production Diary
Rose Reid as Charis, credit, DailyWire+

DailyWire+ Shares Epic Behind-the-Scenes Adventure of The Pendragon Cycle in Their First Production Diary

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by Jon Croft

If there is a quest for the Holy Grail today for conservatives, it’s to embark on the journey out of Hollywood, and into our new adventures and new myths that will replace Hollywood’s bleating cult-like nonsense. Because all Hollywood seems to want to give us is the corporate ESG drivel that cultivates religious observance of their fake false gods. The gods of enviro-gender cult nonsense are “dead gods” which have already gone the way of the tribal warfare dinosaurs.

No better person to put a stake in the heart of this bleating vampire than a lower-case “g” godking of The Daily Wire himself, Jeremy Boreing. He’s been sharing production photos and character profiles lately here, but then yesterday this “Production Diary” dropped, and it’s glorious.

Here it is on X, but below is the YouTube version.

For those of you who are late to the party, and are wondering “Just how is it possible that conservatives are allowed to speak with their mouths, and write with their pens? Gee, I thought it was illegal for them to be artists and culture warriors! Not fair!” Please plug yourself back in to the Matrix, since you will not be needed. You have fully shown yourself to be useless, because for the last few years Daily Wire has proven that they can make Hollywood-quality content without the drooling, slavish obedience to the virtual dog vomit you enjoy from Hollywood. You can return to your vomit now, we will have no more of it.

Instead of relying upon these people in Hollywood who continue in their foolish ways, we will be growing a new army of artists that will rival Hollywood three times, as long as we are allowed to do it freely. But, we both know they won’t allow it. So, we will do it absent of their help. Outside of their system.

So what “content” do we have, as conservative Americans, to offer to the public in the form of entertainment once Hollywood has been erased from our apps & streaming queues, having failed to interest us? We have a small but strong list of entertainment providers, now, and growing more every year. From DailyWire+ we have Arthurian legends, heroes, and warlords, and morality tales that undergird moral and human values, that’s what. This will definitely whet that appetite, if you seek something daring and fresh.

Check out this production diary from DW’s first epic fantasy series, anticipated to rival some of Netflix & Amazon’s best attempts at mind-numbed propaganda. Wait- where are the African-American dwarves and Mary Sue girl bosses that Amazon thought were so important to add to Tolkien’s legacy? You mean, it’s NOT all about the diversity and representation “message”? No, this isn’t about your corporate propaganda shilling, folks. Sorry to disappoint… and NOPE not actually sorry. We just have authentic storytelling by Stephen R Lawhead and the team at DW, instead!

Check out Lawhead’s writing before you view the series, expected to come out next summer. Making a long story short, it is an epic tale of King Arthur meets Atlantis, meets a post-Roman Britannia. It isn’t trying to depict a historically realistic documentary, more of a mythical tale. It is speculating a bit though, on a what-if story that could have happened, assuming Atlantis, Druidic sorcery, and King Arthur were actually real, which I find to be a fascinating mixture of both fiction and history.

You can purchase The Pendragon Cycle 5 Book Set “Taliesin”, “Merlin”, “Arthur”, “Pendragon” and “Grail” (The Pendragon Cycle, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) here.

You can purchase the 1st Audible book of the series here “Taliesin: The Pendragon Cycle, Book 1”.

Who else is excited for this series? Do you think it could be as popular as Game of Thrones or are we lowering the bar down to Amazon’s The Rings of Power or Netflix’s The Witcher? In either case, which Hollywood series is their direct competition? Give us your theories on our social media, or down below (with subscription).

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by Jon Croft

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