DailyWire+ Scores Largest Streaming Acquisition To Date With Docuseries "Convicting A Murderer"

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by Jon Croft
DailyWire+ Scores Largest Streaming Acquisition To Date With Docuseries "Convicting A Murderer"
Candace Owens, photo by Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0

We don’t have a lot of new information on this project since April, but we do finally have a trailer for DW’s crafted response to the famous true-crime series Making A Murderer. This response is in the form of a series of its own that takes shots at Netflix’s version of events in the Steven Avery criminal case that’s been decades in the making. Steven Avery served 18 years in prison for a crime that he apparently didn’t commit, only to be nabbed by the police in Wisconsin again, for a 2005 murder of Theresa Halbach. In this second docuseries, which purportedly hopes to give a more objective account of these events, more testimonials and evidence are claimed to be admitted into the narrative.

So, while the original docuseries Making a Murder won an Emmy and plunged the story of Steven Avery further into infamy, another filmmaker, Shawn Rech, claims that this version of events is actually inaccurate, and may have damaged our sense of justice about the case irrevocably.

Candace Owens, the controversial female influencer who works for the Daily Wire, claims that the truth is what she seeks here. Deadline reports here that this is DailyWire+’ LARGEST streaming acquisition, and the producer’s largest sale.

“‘Convicting a Murderer’ series…”, Credit, Deadline.com

Commenting on the project, Owens is reported to have said...

"I have an interest in the media’s ability to transform villains into heroes via selective reporting."

-Candace Owens

It can only be assumed that Candace seeks to turn the Steven Avery character from “Making A Murderer” into her own villain, from these remarks. As I’m sure Candace Owens knows, if you can turn a villain into a hero through the wonder of media, you can likewise turn a hero into a villain. Candace is known to go hard on her opponents, as she has done before against conservative influencers like Steven Crowder and anti-human trafficking advocates, like Eliza Bleu, for taking stances she either doesn’t have facts on, or disagrees with. But when we go too hard, we have to cut bait or go home. Hopefully, Candace will refrain from making claims too hard to prove, in this case.

We will see what kind of facts and documentary evidence the controversial Owens can bring to the fore to make the case that she too, can recreate a man into whatever she wishes, just like the Netflix series she is seeking to counter.

Previously the release date was given as a vague, “Summer 2023,” but they may have missed their window to finish the doc, which will feature Candace as narrator, according to Deadline. Shawn Rech directs the docuseries, who is known for his 2014 documentary A Murder in the Park, based on a similar theme.

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by Jon Croft

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