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DailyWire+ Puts Out 1st Episode of "What We Saw" Doc For Free Before "Convicting a Murderer" Released

Still from What We Saw, credit, DailyWire+

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The 1st episode of Daily Wire’s What We Saw (Season 2, The Cold War), is being offered for free on DailyWire+’s YouTube channel. This is a 35 minute episode of the docu-series, hosted by Bill Whittle, who really does lay out the facts of the historical truths we saw during the Cold War very elegantly. Many who go to school, even on a college level of history, can learn a thing or two on the devastating difference between the east and west, during this period. The brutality of the east in comparison to the individualist western nations is of stark contrast.

This is just the first episode of many on the Cold War, which is season two of this show. The first season was on The Space Race called Apollo 11, and I hope they continue on with a Season 3 later this year, since Bill Whittle is a master storyteller.

Here is the trailer for the show and the entire free episode below.

I wish they had released more to peruse, but this is a great introduction to the kinds of doc work that The Daily Wire does, such as Matt Walsh’s “What is a Woman? (which was recently released briefly on X to rave reviews), Jordan Peterson’s psychological and religious explorations (segments of which are periodically released), Dennis Prager’s work at PragerU, China: The Enemy Within, Fauci Unmasked, Choosing Death: The Legacy of Roe, Created Equal: a Clarence Thomas documentary, and more.

This of course doesn’t include their many other entertainment options, such as their films Terror on The Prairie, Run Hide Fight, The Hyperions, Shut In, and more.

All this before the new series hosted by Candace Owens, Convicting a Murderer drops officially on September 8th. Hint: I believe they will actually drop it on the evening of the 7th.

Go here for my article on the release of Convicting a Murderer.

Enjoy this first episode, about The Iron Curtain!

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