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Daily Wire Announces New Trailer of Original Film "Shut In"

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Some exciting news- The Daily Wire has now released the trailer for their first completely original film, Shut In. When their first film release “Run Hide Fight” came out many assumed that this film was entirely crafted and finished by The Daily Wire, but this is not the case. It’s true that Run Hide Fight was produced by Dallas Sonnier, who has since become the in-house film producer who spearheads their film division, but it was actually purchased after already being made. It ended up without distribution, even after a stellar showing at Venice Film festival, but then The Daily Wire swooped in to fulfill the film’s potential by giving it a home. But now, Shut In (on the other hand) is completely produced from the beginning by the team DW built after their film division was birthed by Sonnier. 

This looks to be a solid outing and smartly produced, like a cabin-in-the-woods style thriller, as you may notice.

Without further delay, here is the trailer to Daily Wire’s Shut In. To be released in February 2022. 

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