Creators of Gabriel & The Guardians introduce Angel Studios’ anime-style show for kids

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by Jon Croft
Creators of Gabriel & The Guardians introduce Angel Studios’ anime-style show for kids
Still from Gabriel & The Guardians trailer on YouTube, credit, Angel Studios

Are you a Christian, but also a fan of anime? Well, guess what…

Jason Moody & David Evan Gordon (from Superbook) introduce the anime-style cartoon from Angel Studios, Gabriel & The Guardians! They are now funding the show and are looking for their fans to come out and support it.

This is how Angel works. Find something you like. Become a fan, and support it.

Watch the trailer for the show here, which is at the beginning of this first livestream.

This show looks incredibly well thought-out and executed. It has a vibrant kid-centric vibe, reminding me of shows like Naruto & Pokémon. The colors and stylistic drive of the show look expertly crafted and the tone looks fun but also action-packed.

They answer some questions in the livestream but mostly they are engaged in just introducing the project, and themselves to us, the supportive fanbase.

Gabriel, as you may have guessed is yes, supposed to be THAT Gabriel, one of the archangels, and one of the only angels named in the Bible. This is a series about spiritual warfare in the heavens.

I did not realize it until after seeing this livestream, but Jason Moody, the creator, put out a video on YouTube about eight months ago, to promote the project. “About Gabriel & The Guardians” is below, and it explains more about the story and characters you will see in the kid’s series.

You can also see it here.

What do you think? Do you think you will be supporting this project? As a lover of anime, maybe it’s now possible to support a christian anime with a good message. WHAT A CONCEPT!

Go here to to express interest in supporting the series!

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**Update: The second video on this article was removed by the creator, likely in order to centralize the data delivered to audiences through Angel's marketing platform on YouTube. We got you this information long before this Angel project was growing so well, so these efforts to control the data coming through the project are encouraging to us, in this case. All the information contained herein remains accurate.

Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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