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Comedian Tyler Fischer Sues Talent Agency For Racial Discrimination

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That’s right, stand-up comic Tyler Fischer alleges he was discriminated against for being white. Is this so far from a possibility? The idea that white people can be discriminated against may be a laughable concept to many who are hyper focused on one type of discrimination, just as the concept that men getting physically abused in a relationship may bother some. But it is far from the realm of impossibility, and now we know many cases of such enter the books on a daily basis. To hear some people you’d think it was a virtual impossibility, but if you look closer it is due to their lack of prevalence in the media- and that’s really the problem. We aren’t getting a true picture of this problem from the media, and instead are getting more clickbait nonsense, such as the ratio of videos on rising rates of police violence versus the actual stats on such crimes. Look into it, you’ll be surprised.

So here we have what appears to be such a case, and its somewhat of a laughing matter as well. Laughable, because it’s a stand-up comedian named Tyler Fischer who was allegedly discriminated against because he is caucasian, and he’s also a conservative (which may be another contributing factor in the story). Why are the most obvious situations the funniest, that (of course) it would be a white male who is hated. Gee, I wonder how that happened?

So, what’s the story here? According to Tyler, as he was lining up a gig with his agent, he claims that the trail went cold and when following up about his chances of getting a job, he was told that he is no longer being considered because… “he is white”. That’s right, in this day and age, it’s not just affirmative action coming between white people and a possible paycheck (and staving off poverty)- no, its also just straight-up racial discrimination. The very people who claim to be against bigotry, claim to be for MLK’s “Dream”, happen to be the ones that discriminate? The issue becomes quite clear, that obviously it’s not discrimination that they are against, its discrimination against their ideas that they hate. This was never what MLK was about.

Tyler thinks he has a case legally, so he says he will pursue legal action and at least maybe he can make a point- along with the obvious comedic stand-up material he is getting for free from the racist nonsense (he apparently gets just by being born of a light-skinned persuasion). We wish him the best, and hope this racism can be rejected in our country, as people learn the facts of these cases.

The Daily Wire discusses this in more depth here.

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