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Charming Highly Anticipated Wingfeather Saga Comes to Angel Studios

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Neal Harmon, co-founder of VidAngel and Angel Studios, and Chris Wall, showrunner for the upcoming animated show sat down for an interview to discuss the release of the highly anticipated adaptation of Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga. These men are absolutely shaking up the Christian entertainment and film market, along with those who made The Chosen series popular, this is certainly becoming more and more evident.

Book one of the series is encapsulated into season one, with the following three books spread out into six more seasons. Each one will tell a story that will “…develop wonder, awaken that deep sense of longing…” continues Chris Wall.

As the fundraising campaign on Angel Studios’ site shows, the perfect triangulation on if you will like this beloved series are three things…

1. If you love the wit of the Princess Bride
2. the epic world of the Lord of the Rings
3. and the deep magic in the Narnia series
You will love this series…

You can read the interview here.
You can visit the fundraising campaign here.
See one of their latest fundraising live streams below.

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