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"Charmed": Isla Vista Worship releases instant praise classic

Album cover, Charmed. Credit, Isla Vista Worship

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Have you not heard Isla Vista Worship album Soul Hymns? Do that right away please. Both of these albums stand as instant worship classics, head and shoulders above so many, probably because of the intimate and authentic tone. Melody masters, with lightly flowing chord progressions, and unmistakeable R&B & soul rhythms. These musical projects play like albums straight from an 80’s soul track on The Blues Brothers, but with an unashamed place of intimate worship of God, almost played as though from inside your own brain.

Also they’re mildly dance worthy. Ok, they are VERY dance worthy. Let this not make you think that they are too sensual or worldly in their vibe. No, this is just pure joy, which for me also points to the authentic soul genre here. Just fun, joyous praise.

Here is Soul Hymns (2019) on Spotify:

Enjoy the new album Charmed below, which does differ slightly from the Soul Hymns album, but this feels like a fairly natural progression. The intimate lyrics & vocals, the strong melodies & romantic themes remain, but a more singer-songwriter vibe adding acoustic guitar to the strong piano work, and an indie sentimentality is starting to come out.

Saying “older” may make it seem dated but this is the antithesis of this kind of work. They are instant classics because they feel timeless. Even the indie vibe feels timeless, which is often not the case for that kind of music. The songwriting skill exhibited here is what rounds out the excellence of the album. As you listen, read the lyric. Wow, what a promising prospect to see the Lord and our relationship with Him this way.

Here is Charmed on YouTube, but it has some additional material and is not the same as the official album:

Here is a preview of the entire album, Charmed, on Spotify:

You will likely enjoy these for years to come if you are like me. Enjoy Him, as you enjoy this music, my friends!

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