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Brett Cooper, Host of The Comments Section, Among Others Cast in Daily Wire’s Arthurian Pendragon Cycle

Brett Cooper from The Comments Section with Brett Cooper, credit, The Daily Wire

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Some exciting attachments have come to Daily Wire’s The Pendragon Cycle, now that they have begun shooting in Hungary. As of yesterday, many more casting announcements have been made on more than just the Merlin character (Tom Sharp, was announced earlier this week). Deadline reports now, that Brett Cooper, host of Daily Wire’s The Comment Section, is going to be shooting in Europe as well, among a cast of characters who don’t appear to be seeking any SAG/AFTRA agreements.

On Tuesday, Deadline also announced Tom Sharp as a lead actor for “Pendragon”.

The Pendragon Cycle is a Stephen R. Lawhead re-envisioning of King Arthur, in which Arthur and Merlin must navigate a post-Roman world, and found a new, greater independent Britain. So this really epic cast will be forming itself, as we go along.

To drill in, Jeremy Boreing & Ryan Whitaker will direct this new cast, which will include not just Cooper, but also actress Rose Reid, from Whitaker’s upcoming film, “Surprised by Oxford,” a romantic drama (to be released in theaters on Sept 27th). She is an up and coming star, like Brett Cooper, but the two top male stars (James Arden & Tom Sharp) are unknown to me, for the most part. Then, there is also Myles Clohessey, Finney Cassidy, Alex Lawrence Phillips, Flo Thomstone, Emree Franklin, Duran Fulton Brown, Daniel Consadine, Bertie Newman, George Pentris, and Alan Arco, named as additional attachments.

The first season of the series will contain seven episodes, and is derived from the first two books of the six-book series. These consist of the books, “Taliesin” and “Merlin”. Reid will be playing the heroine, Charis, while Brett Cooper is cast as Merlin’s wife, Ganieda. As for Sharp & Arden, they will be playing Merlin & Taliesin, respectively. Taliesin of course, being the first main character, while Merlin is the second. Later we will have Arthur coming in after these characters set the ground work, and establish the setting we are working with. This is a massive historical fiction that could follow decades of history at this period around 400-500 AD.

Here’s Brett being interviewed on the red carpet at last year’s Terror on the Prairie theatrical debut. She brings loads of kindness and charm to the table.

When asked what she’d like to see more of (in this new conservative film world), she states, “I’d like to see a really fun, edgy comedy.” But also, she seems happy just to see something good being made outside of the “toxic” culture in Hollywood. Well, now it looks like SHE WILL become a part of this new world of film at The Daily Wire. Not quite a “fun, edgy comedy.” Not yet, at least. But, who knows? Maybe after this they will have enough cajones to make an edgy comedy that someone like Cooper can believe in.

Interviewed on Huckabee on TBN, she gives us some of her background history, and why she left Hollywood.

You can see her show The Comment’s Section here on YouTube or on Rumble. Below is her latest.

Rose Reid (Surprised by OxfordFinding You) also serves as a writer on the series, along with the directors & the author of the books, Stephen R. Lawhead. Rose, having been a writer before in film, The World We Make (2019), and upcoming show The Futurist, rounds out the writer’s room. But I’m just going to be really excited to see the first full trailer for this series, which is expected to be released in 2024. I began reading the first book and am about half way through it now.

Very excited to see Surprised by Oxford, coming in 27th of September, and to see Brett on film in the coming months! We will get to see Ryan Whitaker’s directorial style, and we can begin to see what Jeremy saw in him when he hired him for this series.

This is beginning to look fantastic!

Brett Cooper is represented by Noah Balch Law. Rose Reid is represented by Samuel Curphey Law, The Initiative Group, and Innovative Artists. James Arden is represented by Keddie Scott Associates. Tom Sharp is represented by Jared Bloch at Bloch Law.

What are your thoughts on these casting announcements? Are you eager to see Brett Cooper, Rose Reid, or other stars on this upcoming series? Head to the “comments section” on our social medias, or down below to weigh in (with subscription)!