Why Are Brave Books, Kirk Cameron & Kevin Sorbo All Working Hard To Make Family-Friendly Books?

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by Jon Croft
Why Are Brave Books, Kirk Cameron & Kevin Sorbo All Working Hard To Make Family-Friendly Books?
Freedom Island Map, credit, Brave Books

Parents, are you paying attention? Have you heard the term “groomer,” and understood it, or do you simply dismiss such concerns as political ideology?

Why do families need to reconsider from where they are getting their books for their kids, and from where they are getting their education? Because our future matters. The littlest of lives matter. A child’s innocence matters. And so, the entertainment, stories, and teaching they get- no matter from where, also matters. So consider removing your kids from bad situations and access to bad education.

It’s true, I am recommending pulling kids out of public school, and being cautious at public libraries. But why? How are other books you find in schools and public libraries not child-friendly? They carry embedded messages that are political in nature, and morally BAD for kids. I’ve seen it firsthand, and many in our country are seeing this firsthand more and more.

To learn more about how schools sexualize and radicalize children, you can hear from Laurence Fox about the education in the UK, here (or, “mis-education”). The truth is the US can be even worse!

But there is so much more that I cannot share here, and you can find on your own as you search online. But, please understand that much of it is highly disturbing. Scandals have been happening around the country, and teachers are allowing kids to fight on the front lines of this debate, instead of protecting them.

This is unconscionable to me.

Have you ever picked up a book for your kids, only to realize that it had strange emotional messaging embedded in it, later? Messages that maybe you do not approve of? Us too. Environmentalism, gender, sex, socialism, racism, etc etc it goes on… These are not good messages for kids and it can harm their innocence.

As a homeschooling-curious parent myself, we have taken it upon ourselves to check and double-check the kinds of education our kids are getting, both at school and at home. This means we watch their content, we read their books, we know what they are being taught. And what is disturbing to find out is that our kids in America are often being taught the worst anti-science and anti-religious drivel imaginable on their “featured shelf” at public libraries and at our schools. From gender confusion, to environmentalism, to climate change, to unhealthy ideas about family, law, religion, church, sex, and relationships, all of it can be corrupted and attacked by publishers, libraries, writers, and schools that espouse anti-morality, anti-American, and anti-traditional views.

Enter Brave Books…

The need to have honest, pure, and beneficial storytelling for our kids is so important, and so this issue has been noticed and championed by concerned parents like us. And now, many more educators and experts, including great writers, are taking up the cause to provide better content for kids. Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire, Kirk Cameron, Kevin Sorbo, Steven Crowder, the Hodge Twins, and many more (including writers here at Media Moses) are working on and publishing kids books that reflect better, more loving and enduring values. But, it also takes good publishers to answer the call.

Brave Books is one of these publishers who have been working specifically on this project of writing better children’s books and they’ve teamed up with some great spokespeople like Kirk Cameron, Kevin Sorbo, Missy Robertson (of the Duck Dynasty show) to bring your family an entire SERIES of kids books that inculcate family values.

Here’s one of the stories read by Missy Robertson…

These writers are all renowned conservatives, political speakers, and celebrities, such as Zuby, JP Sears, Dinesh D’Souza, Kash Patel, The Hodge Twins, Bethany Hamilton, Robby Starbuck, DC Draino, Congressman Mike Waltz, Missy Robertson, General Michael Flynn, Julie Banderas, Sheriff Mark Lamb, Sean Spicer, Sara Carter, John Solomon, David Harris Jr, Michael Franzese, Ashley St. Clair, Elizabeth Johnston, Jack Posobiec, Dana Loesch, Graham Allen, and founder Trent Talbot. And as mentioned, Kevin Sorbo and Kirk Cameron often appear as supporters of this series and writers, themselves.

The stories they seek to tell are epic, and consist of a series of books, a children’s “book universe” so-to-speak, called Freedom Island. Including the Freedom Island series, their books include titles such as: The Test of Lionhood, Pride Comes Before A Fall, The Plot Against the King, Surfing Past Fear, The Treasure of Cabal Island, A Town Worth Defending, Hidden Headlines: A Seymour Clues Mystery, The Parrots Go Bananas, Son of Truth, Because You’re My Family, The Fight for Freedom Island, The Island of Free Ice Cream, More Than Spots & Stripes, Elephants Are Not Birds, Little Lives Matter, Dawn of the Brave, As You Grow, The Night the Snow Monster Attacked, Candy Calamity, Freedom Day the Asher Way, Unmuzzle Me Please, Puddin’ Pirates & the Problem with Power, and more.

You can purchase them individually, as a “Treasure Box”, or as a monthly book club. And I wholeheartedly recommend them, along with the Tuttle Twins books, as well. Enjoy!

Go to bravebooks.us to learn more, here.

I leave you with this! ..

Did you enjoy this article? Are you a fan of Brave Books? Or, maybe this the first you’re learning of them? Let us know what you think on our socials, or comment down below (with subscription).

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by Jon Croft

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