Blaze Media Co-Founder Glenn Beck Discusses New Film Plans, How To Bring True Change To Our Culture

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by Jon Croft
Blaze Media Co-Founder Glenn Beck Discusses New Film Plans, How To Bring True Change To Our Culture
Glenn Beck on Andrew Klavan Show, credit, The Daily Wire

Andrew Klavan interviews Glenn Beck about his past, his current work, the state of the culture, and how he would change it if given the choice.

A few weeks ago I did a story on Blaze Media, and how I felt that they might be turning a corner into doing more film work. Now we are seeing evidence that this may be the case. These heavyweights in conservative media may talk politics, society, religion and art, but neither of them can avoid the importance of filmmaking to the enrichment of the culture. It takes them a minute to get there though. They discuss the media and the inroads that The Blaze and The Daily Wire are making in the culture and in the 24/hr news cycle as well. Then it gets more interesting.

That’s right. For me, its their film and entertainment discussion that I enjoy (coming in after their talk about the latest boycotts). They discuss Disney’s pollution of their own brand at 20 minutes in, our own cultural self-destruction, and the vandalism in Hollywood. I find that this is super relevant today, because it describes the environment needed before people might finally see that we need to do something new. We need to make change, and now is the time to do it.

I have dealt with this a similar frustration these guys both appear to be discussing within conservative circles. Literally, the “guys we need to get better films out there” discussion as people stare at me with vacant looks- this has been a normal thing for me for over half a decade. And what is even more difficult to deal with is knowing that it is very possible to do, and I know how to do it, and I can even train people for free, while others around me just disbelieve and refuse to listen. It is truly frustrating.

I love Beck’s idea to make an apprenticeship program in his city of Dallas, and I believe that this can become something as people continue to press forward. He has the old Studios at Las Colinas (now called Mercury Studios) there in Irving (which they currently use for tv), and I think with their resources, this can really be something effective.

Mercury Studios, formerly Studios at Las Colinas, Irving, TX

Klavan makes a great point next (at 27 minutes) in which he states something that many conservatives like them already know, which is that, “Hollywood is not going to change.” This is for me why we have no choice. We MUST do it, and it has to be us making our own changes, and doing our own thing.

Glenn wraps up this message with true facts, that conservatives have forgotten how important storytelling is. I have to agree wholeheartedly. We have to stop disbelieving in our artists, and stop believing it’s an impossible task to rebuild and refresh our culture with gospel truth.

Back in April, Deadline reported that The Blaze was debuting their first comedy film, Re-Opening, and that they were in the process of developing a comedy series with that same production company Thisishardtoread Productions, headed up by Kelsey Cooke. Let us hope that this is a sign that they are making progress on these goals. Go to Deadline here for that story.

We at Media Moses will continue to point you in the direction to support conservative and faith-based artists. It’s up to you to start believing in them, and start supporting them, so that the art that can change the world can be made.

Did you enjoy this article? What are your thoughts on Glenn Beck’s work with Blaze Media and his apprenticeship program ideas in Dallas? Let us know on our social media, or comment on our page below (with subscription).

Blaze Media co-founder Glenn Beck discusses new film plans, how to bring true change to our culture @theblaze @BlazeMediaPR @glennbeck @andrewklavan @realDailyWire via @themediamoses

— Media Moses (@themediamoses) September 23, 2023

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by Jon Croft

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