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The Bible Project Announces Their Next Major Work: "The Sermon on the Mount"

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You should check out the creative process that this simple Bible video producer makes! Why? Because, in reality, they are no simple video production company, but a powerful ministry with loads of creative juice and scholarly backing that has been building faithfully since 2014.

The Bible Project, a non-profit ministry that makes artistic yet instructive videos with scholarly undergirding, has created so much this last year. In addition to their storied history and contributions in the past, they are excited to make an announcement on their upcoming larger project, coming on January 1st, called The Sermon on the Mount, on the renowned sermon that Jesus gave in his earthly ministry.

Pretty exciting!

These video are available for free on YouTube as part of their ministry, and they are like multiple episodes from a television show, although usually shorter. But even though they are fairly short, they expound deeply on the powerful themes found in scripture, often going into the original Hebrew or Greek.

Not all the content is free, however, and they offer a series of other videos, instructionals, studies, and new creative ways to explore the Bible, sometimes for a fee.

In the past the Bible Project, starring Jon Collins & Tim Mackie, have gone in depth on the larger expansive themes of the Bible story, as well as drilling down into each book of the Bible. If you are doing a Bible study on anything, maybe at your church or in a Bible study class, I challenge you to look it up to see if the Bible Project has already made a video about the subject, and usually you will be pleasantly surprised! It could be about the story of Job, or Jonah, or Joseph, or it could be about the book of Esther, or Micah.

In all cases, they have videos for you.

These videos have often supplemented material for me in my Bible studies, and have given me deeper understanding for my own story writing and film scripts, as I explore doing a film on the Israeli kings and the prophets during the Divided Kingdom Era after Solomon. Then there are the similar stories from that time that inspire and inform, like the Kinsman Redeemer, Boaz, and how he was like Jesus.

These are all powerfully instructive and inspiring if you seek to learn more about God. If you seek an easy and free study, go to YouTube, and if you seek more, including paid studies and additional material, go to their site here.

Here is their podcast.

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