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Ben Shapiro’s Sunday Special Features Discussion with Jeremy Boreing About BentKey, the Biggest Initiative in Daily Wire's History

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Ben Shapiro has Jeremy Boreing on his Sunday Special to discuss their crusade to bring good kid’s content to the public in the form of BentKey. But how will they take on Disney, what is the true story of the name “BentKey”, and what new show on BentKey is Jeremy most proud of? As BentKey is making early waves, we hope that these stories may end up a cherished part of history, one day.

Jeremy states that it’s actually not about defeating or taking on Disney, as much as it is about staying faithful to a mission, the same mission that Disney threw into the dustbin, betraying our families and kids around the world. So, it’s about *not* doing that, while also holding themselves to a high standard of what good content for kids actually is. He says it is just good entertainment, not propaganda or politics. We ought not use our kids to make them into our little political bobble head toys. Instead kids need to enjoy life and learn how to learn for themselves. This makes their future strong.

The story of the BentKey name is one you’ll have to hear for yourself, but suffice to say, I was not wrong. It is about the key around Jeremy’s neck, but there’s a little more to it. Some have stated this story incorrectly, as it isn’t the key to their first DW offices.

I was not surprised to hear about which show Jeremy is most proud of, but I personally watch my kids, and I tend to enjoy the muppet-like shows because they are great for teaching kids. I do like the Mabel McClay show, like Jeremy, but I think Gus Plus Us is exceptional, and Chip Chilla (starring Rob Schneider) is very well written. But frankly they are all very creative and fun. They are all perfect for children, and for protecting their innocence.

Currently my kids love the animated ones, Chip Chilla and also Pirata & Capitano, probably because they also loved Aquanauts a few years ago, but of course Pirata & Capitano has more relatable characters for kids, as they actually act like kids. But the Aquanauts is like putting Star Trek (the original show) into the water, (now, a second rate adult’s show) and animating it into a fun children’s package- not quite the same. Aquanauts is still a fine show, but I wonder if it was actually about selling toys, rather than making something that kids relate to best.

Look below, for another great interview with Boreing on the subject of BentKey. This interview, hosted by Megan Basham from Morningwire, reveals even more about their origins.

I absolutely love BentKey so far, and we’ve started integrating it into their schedules. We now have a special Sunday watching time, after church every week. This is our version of Saturday morning cartoons, and it’s been really fun in our first week. We try to keep the weekdays for school and homeschool for the young ones.

I am very impressed about how they got this project off the ground, because they actually didn’t have everything planned and lined up. They flew by the seat of their pants, and believed in a dream they had, still believing they’ll somehow get this $100 million investment-need met.

If that isn’t like Walt Disney, and his origin story, I don’t know what is. This is the kind of story we can all find something in- something to believe in. But one thing I think that mustn’t be forgotten is that this takes an enormous commitment of time and energy, and this is what I see most lacking in conservatism. We will head in a direction but not the right one. We will believe in right but won’t work hard at it, authentically. In Christianity, I see the lack with open-minded creativity, which is the energy needed to accomplish what Hollywood has been doing for over a century. We have much to catch up on if we seek to preserve our families in innocence and goodness, but BentKey has given us a good push in the right direction!

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