Barbie Destroys Box Office Over the Weekend, But Why Won’t I Review It?

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by Jon Croft
Barbie Destroys Box Office Over the Weekend, But Why Won’t I Review It?
"Barbie", Credit, Warner Bros. Pictures

I don’t write reviews, and I don’t support Hollywood pig swill. So, I will never be watching Barbie, but I want to quickly mention the fall out from films like these. And to let you know how I make decisions for myself, on what to watch, and on how I see Hollywood. Buckle up, because if I’m being honest, this will be a long series of recommendations to help caution you about watching films like Barbie in the future.

Firstly, reviewers will be going to any significant film because it’s their job, so don’t judge them for it. Many reviewers and cultural critics will complain about it but they still need to do their job, and without their good or bad “recommends,” many viewers will simply pay without knowing what to expect as soon as they bite into that first bit of salty kernel. It might not settle too well in your stomach, especially if it ends up being like so much of Hollywood’s latest woke propaganda. Yep, that’s what you get.

I myself, considered doing reviewing when I began my podcasting work in 2014. Later, in 2020, when Media Moses was being formed it was the one thing I didn’t want to do, because I felt it would commoditize movie-watching too much for me, and I didn’t want to see films that way. So, Media Moses became a different kind of cultural effort. It became an effort to market good work, instead of to review or curate all of Hollywood’s work. That way I could stand apart from Hollywood, because I am pretty much done with them, and for good reason.

But this means I do rely on and listen to reviewers I trust for their take on films, and I mostly go to films that pass these tests. I cancelled Disney+, I cancelled Netflix, I cancelled HBO, and I cancelled AMC, but I will still go to theaters (because I know how important cinema is to filmmakers), and I buy into good platforms like Daily Wire, Angel, and Loor.TV (although I’m still on the fence about subscribing to Loor). All of this is because I believe that good people must stop supporting huge corporations that hate the little people and hate their values. We don’t hate people in Hollywood, but it doesn’t mean we have to support them with our hard earned dollars. So, I’m separating from Hollywood as much as I can, and I have felt much better without this propaganda filling my mind.

Barbie is a good example of this. The fandom on YouTube (such as Nerdrotic, Ryan Kinel, and Geeks & Gamers, along with sites such as Bounding into Comics who are often overlapping in their views) will be sending out reviews that I watch. Then there’s the family-oriented reviewers such as MovieGuide, FaithWire, and christian reviewer Christian Toto. And then the politics and culture media outlets such as Breitbart, PJ Media, & Bleeding Fool, along with the Daily Wire & their influencers such as Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, & Matt Walsh.

So let’s start with my recommendations on which reviewers I defer to and how fun it can be just to read or watch them, before I commit to watching a film.

Firstly I saw this meme-ish thumbnail from the Babylon Bee, so I knew something was up with Ben Shapiro’s review. Lol. They are the best. See their article here.

So, I’ve got to see Ben Shapiro’s review. Wow. He butchers this film like there’s no tomorrow, beginning with literally burning a multi-colored hair Barbie in a trash can. Lol. Watch here or below. It’s worth it.

That was strong medicine, so I go to some weaker, less opinionated reviewers. I won’t say who, because I have zero respect for these people. Many reviewers are like this. They give weak-sauce opinions based upon what their teacher in middle school told them about “it’s all in the eye of the beholder.” They are like the “somebody, somewhere likes this film, so we shouldn’t be mean to those people” kinds of people. Have you been looking around? The truth is that art has value, and it has power, and that means bad art can make you think wrongly about the world. We have to stop mincing words with these people.

These terrible reviewers (that I don’t follow) make claims about Barbie sounding like “there are motherly and feminine qualities to this film that are beneficial”, but I’d say this is a dangerous recommendation to make, especially for girls & boys, since the film continues to push the idea of toxic masculinity as a problem in society, and that girls should shun motherhood, and servanthood. They literally name the Patriarchy by name, in the film, and also shun it, in the film. Laughable that so many people haven’t realized this is political dumpster fire trash, just like Ben Shapiro treated it.

Even a so-called “Reverend” who is also supposedly a reviewer says that parents should be fearless in getting their kids to go to see Barbie. I think this is highly irresponsible. He even claims these political messaging is actually “Christian themes”. Don’t fall for this nonsense, people. These people are disgusting.

Ok, so on to some better reviewers, again. Who makes more sense to me? I tend to go to Christian Toto first (on Hollywood in Toto) and his review seems to focus on left-wing reviewers reacting to the right wing reviews (like Ben’s), which is always an interesting social phenomenon now because the left wing reviewers today seem to be a monolith of “opinions without much diversity”. I always respect his perspective on Hollywood. Here’s his commentary here.

Here’s a good one. FaithWire references MovieGuide guru Dr. Ted Baehr (who truly is a gift to us here on earth) by giving a harsh warning to parents who may consider taking their children to his film. The video version of Ted Baehr’s recommend is below. Those women who refuse to heed this advice particularly, please understand that feminism is not a Biblical value, and you are doing much damage to our world, by not using your wisdom. But so many Christian’s still have remained ignorant on how wish-washy religion, and politics and political correctness is harming others around the world. Go here for the article.

Piers Morgan gets it on New York Post, here. “If I Made a Movie that Treated Women the Way Barbie Treats Men Feminists Would Want Me Executed.”

And even more based, PJ Media says some Gen Z boys & men are taking to mocking the film by “following the Ken character” (the villain of the film) into Patriarchal reality, by dressing up as him, etc., which is the antithesis to what the film tells kids to do. PJ Media goes into this kind of backlash happening here. –

Credit, PJ Media, all rights reserved

To get many men to know it’s okay to be men, and to get many women to understand that a new movement that affirms the patriarchy is here, please go to these influencers on Twitter & YouTube. These are people who have finally learned that the patriarchy actually loves women. Rachel Wilson on YouTube & @Rach4Patriarchy, Pearly Things Podcast on YouTube & at @pearlythingz, & Patriarchy Hanna at @harmonizedgrace.

These are some based ladies, let me tell you.

So, back to listening to Hollywood reviews. Do I simply ignore what Hollywood says about itself and only listen to it’s detractors? Lol. At this point, yes. Hollywood is, after all, a factory of lies and disinformation about what is happening in the world. I’m a filmmaker. I know this. They preach harmful Marxist ignorance, feminism (which originates in witchcraft occultism), and lie about everyone they don’t like. They claim Cleopatra & Jesus was black, they claim a 75-lb woman can beat up a man, and that American freedoms don’t matter, even that they are evil and wrong. Hollywood creates swill and should be cancelled, and as I said, as a filmmaker and film producer myself, I have been there, and have “weighed it and have found it wanting,” as scripture says. Instead, I know and I see the ways that we can make our own Hollywood. And it’s this hope that I believe in. The more we do this, and we reject paying Hollywood for the lies it tells us, the better we will all be.

Yep. I think Ben Shapiro was right on the money this time. Burn that doll. She’s pretty but she’s literally incapable of making you a sandwich. They just don’t make ’em like they used to.

Did you enjoy this article? Did you fall for the marketing for Barbie and saw the propaganda? What did you think? Let us know on our social media!

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by Jon Croft

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