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Axiom Chronicles Details Inspiring Classic Sci-fi Influences in Latest Livestream

Axiom Chronicles promo material, credit, Angel Studios

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The latest livestream from Angel’s Axiom Chronicles discusses some of the most inspirational classic sci-fi, and how they influenced the story of Axiom Chronicles. The creators discuss how the true storytelling heritage of these classics has had an enormous impact on their new story, and I am all for this kind of storytelling in culture today.

These days the quest for entertainment viewers isn’t just to wade through the enormous number of streaming shows online in an effort to find one gem in the hundreds of shows that represent a drop in the bucket. No. This would be like a form of torture for you. I have done this before, and I wish I hadn’t because this can ruin your concept of these once-beautiful stories. Please do not do this to yourself.

They do exist or so I hear, but this is not our quest. Our quest is to begin the new cultural expression OUTSIDE of Hollywood. This represents potential for a new beginning, instead of waiting for the old system to change, believing in vain that these people who have already proven to have zero interest in the myths and legends and franchises that we love (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, etc) to repent from their evil ways of vandalizing culture, and turn back from the billions of dollars that they’ve invested in it.

I assure you this isn’t happening. They belong to a cult and I believe they are going down with the ship.

At least the real believers are. This is why we recommend viewers to look outside of Hollywood for answers, so they can get in on ground floor solutions. And this involves reaching out to former Hollywood industry who are now dissidents living in the smoking rubble of a broken system. Something new can begin here.

So, as with DailyWire+, Angel Studios,, and Blaze Media, we are in the business of watching the 100 year old house called Hollywood go down in flames, and maybe roasting a few marshmallows, as we participate in the cultural discussion and creation required to make something better to replace it.

We are the next Hollywood. But this doesn’t mean that old Hollywood didn’t create anything good, it just means that the current deed-holders purposely hit the iceberg that has led to the ship going down with them at the helm. We have now “gotten over” this truth, and are on the floating pieces of flotsam that can save many people, as we strap these cultural remains together. We know that while this is not going to be easy, this is far better than going down with the cult on this ship.

So, what good things did Hollywood make (in the form of sci-if) back in the day?

Quite a lot actually. They begin with these comparisons: Prince of Egypt, meets Star Wars, meets The Matrix. But as you continue on they mention many other inspirations, and it can get very “inside baseball” for the super fans out there!

Enjoy the Livestream (even as they deal with some audio issues at first).

If you enjoyed this livestream, you should check out Axiom on their site, and research what Angel is doing in media! Consider expressing interest in the project here.

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