Angel's "The Shift" Gives a Slice of the Multiverse We'll Be Seeing on the Big Screen in December

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by Jon Croft
Angel's "The Shift" Gives a Slice of the Multiverse We'll Be Seeing on the Big Screen in December

The villains look dastardly & the multiversal mountain this man must climb looks impossible. But how will he make it back to the beautiful Liz Tabish? How will he make it out of the maze and labyrinthine trap of The Shift? How will he escape the clutches of the Benefactor? Can true faith and love lead the way?

Looks like I’m going to see this film.

Just as the Daily Wire is now giving Production Diaries for their Pendragon Cycle series, these are the kinds of promotional videos that we need in Christian & conservative circles to inform and excite a new body of fans to come see our better quality of entertainment. While it’s true that good behind-the-scene marketing doesn’t equal good storytelling, or good quality filmmaking, as Hollywood makes imminently clear on the daily, it does replace Hollywood with something better.

But how it is better? It has the real package, the real deal; good storytelling, good craftsmanship, and good marketing to sell each story accurately to the viewer. This is at least a goal we know we can deliver on, in comparison to Hollywood. Because what we do know is that Angel & DW are the real storytellers here. They offer stories that actually relate to the real world, and they are bringing it to you with sincerity. Not through political virtue signal messaging.

If you haven’t seen the earlier updates on this film, here are a few.

The Shift: Making of the Multiverse

The Shift: Escaping the Multiverse

Who does Neal McDonough play in the film? The Benefactor.

Who does Liz Tabish play in the film? Who is Molly?

Official Trailer

What is true storytelling about? Characters we care about, adventures worth going on, and spectacle we can be wowed by. But more than this, a purpose for suffering that encompasses our being. This is what many in our nation now fail to do, and for good reason. They do not actually believe it, and they have not lived it. Their suffering is being misnamed at Starbucks and not getting their chicken nuggets on time. This is not necessarily a life worth suffering for, nor is it a reason to get out of bed. But God, family, and eternal purpose as a member of God’s creation are reason enough.

What does Hollywood continue to show us? That it has no intention on being accurate or authentic, nor does it intend to reflect our values. Nor are their heroes heroes at all. They aren’t worth giving five minutes to, nor five dollars to- not anymore. Don’t give them your coffee money. They aren’t earning it.

But Angel, and the up-and-coming heroes of conservative and Christian storytelling adventures do deserve your support. They are helping to bring true stories to life, and to give us something real to hope for.

Will you be seeing The Shift along with us this December? What do you think of the updates Angel has been giving us? Let us know on our social media, or comment down below (with subscription).

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by Jon Croft

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