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Angel's New "Bonhoeffer" Gets New Trailer and Release Date

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Angel Studios announces its acquisition of Bonhoeffer, a film about the infamous man of faith who struggled to stop Adolf Hitler during the Second World War. He tried to consolidate the true church in Germany, and then he tried to work from within Germany to sabotage and then assassinate Hitler, but this was far outside of what he expected he'd have to do to liberate his people.

After writing numerous works such as The Cost of Discipleship, preaching, inspiring many, and standing in opposition, he was eventually killed by the very people he loved and tried to save.

Here is the story at the Hollywood Reporter. But his tragic story is still to be seen, November 2024 in theaters.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a difficult-to-understand man in history, due to his pacifism that bears great suffering and responsibility. He inspired many on non-violent protest, and on religious non-conformity, but his journey is a difficult one, because he felt responsible for something that I do not think was necessarily his fault. Watching him struggle through these difficult trials on a big screen may be either inspiring or disturbing experience, but it is nevertheless, going to be an important one to witness.

Here is the teaser trailer, that dropped a few hours ago.

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