Angel Studios Starts A Fight For Our Children's Future With 'Sound of Hope'

Angel Studios Starts A Fight For Our Children's Future With 'Sound of Hope'

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by Jon Croft

Angel Studios and YouTube creator Whaddo You Meme do a live-stream on the soon-coming battle for our children's future which the upcoming film that Angel is releasing represents. Last year Sound of Freedom took us one step closer to understanding the plight of our generation, and this year Sound of Hope closes the loop to explain the solution to this plight.

This is the film that Black Panther's Letitia Wright is bringing to the silver screen on July 4th. The one that she has Executive Produced and is about the town of Possum Trot, where a small, local church adopted 77 children.

That's the one!

Wow, what a solution to the problem of child neglect & endangerment!

This live-stream effectively introduces us to the "fight for our kids" that this film will show us in greater detail this summer.

Here is the new trailer for Sound of Hope which they speak about in the live-stream.

I think the truth is, they are correct that we need "the fight" inside us all to be ignited if we really want to help these kids. Without that kind of resolve, and without that kind of bravery, the divisive interests in our society will continue to destroy what we can have together. Instead we will be "a divided and divorced society" living in poverty and in devastation. Mostly, this devastation effects the children and their future. Not necessarily us in our thinking.

What this does to the future is it steals from the children. It steals the strength, and the opportunities from them, but it mostly steals hope from them. Hope they can have any life worth living with family, friends, and a wealth of love surrounding them. When you look at the statistics on this, it is sobering.

We will learn more as we get closer to opening night.

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Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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