Angel Studios Seeks to Amplify Light by Acquiring 'Sight,' A Film About Giving Sight to the Blind

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by Jon Croft
Angel Studios Seeks to Amplify Light by Acquiring 'Sight,' A Film About Giving Sight to the Blind

Angel Studios, who has plans to distribute up to five films this year in theaters, has published a press release announcing their acquisition of Andrew Hyatt's film, Sight. It is slated for a May 24th, 2024 theatrical release, which is highly ambitious for a film of this kind. If you remember our previous story on Andrew Hyatt, he was the director we spoke of highly, who released The Blind last year. If you remember, this was the Phil Robertson origin story of Duck Commander and how Duck Dynasty came to be, which got a September 28, 2023 theatrical release, and had what we call in the industry, "long legs."

Sight, starring Greg Kinnear & Terry Chen, has taken some time to acquire distribution but not as long as some. Under Briarcliff, they had an October 27th, 2023 release date planned, but this did not take. So we are seeing a delay of about 7 or 8 months.

Deadline reports on this here.

In contrast, a different faith-based film, Unbreakable Boy, which was directed by Jon Gunn, and stars Zachary Levi, was made in 2021, was planned to be theatrically released on March 18th, 2022 and is still yet to be released. It got moved by Lionsgate to February 2025, and moved now again to winter of 2025. Can you imagine having your film put on a shelf for almost four years?

But keep in mind that this does happen in the film industry quite a lot, and it is not necessarily a reflection on the quality or potential of the film to perform in theaters, as a little film like Sound of Freedom shows. This film was on the shelf for years before Angel purchased it and put it out there, leading to enormous profits last summer.

A lot of different kinds of faith-based films often get stuck in either development hell or on a shelf somewhere after already being produced. Sadly, many distributors lack the kind of enthusiastic support that faith-based films need, even though they tend to make money. Some finishing funds can do a lot for a company that wants to release but can’t find the best partner to help them distribute.

Let's hope that this film, which features a 16-minute orchestral suite featuring an eastern/western musical synthesis that follows the story that Doctor Wang follows as he goes from China to his new home in America, which allows him to use his talents to save the sight of millions of people in his career. This could be a truly inspiring experience to see this film in theaters, ushering us to thank God for the very sight we will use in order to see the film in theaters in the first place.

Considering this is an Andrew Hyatt film, who goes from The Blind to Sight (there seems to be a pattern here), I do plan to see it.

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Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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