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Angel Studios Brings the After Death Experience to You Tonight, Oct 27th, in Theaters

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Speaking of the usefulness of horror, and the uselessness of over-indulgent and gratuitous kinds of films, this film, After Death utilizes every aspect of horror that is good, thoughtful, spiritual, in moments unbelievable, yet based in a true story in the real world we live in!

Remember when I mentioned Angel pressing into the theatrical in this previous article? Well, the same studio that brought us The ChosenSound of Freedom, and His Only Son, brings us the event of the season to your local theater… After Death! A thrilling story of near-death experiences with God, and with the angelic! What a better use of your time than a meaningless Hollywood film that only leaves you with hopelessness.

This is about the truth of the after life, and the spiritual beings and spirit-world that we all can experience after we die. Some have even experienced it on this side of death, and now they return to bring us a message, yet so many still refuse to listen.

Have you ever known someone who was so brainwashed by our educational institutions that they refuse to believe that a spirit-world or that our spirit bodies can exist, all while talking about black holes, other dimensions, multiverses and alien entities that defy physics? That’s right, we’re talking about people who ignore blatantly obvious facts in favor of looking cool at school. They’re “so smart” according to an institution of lower learning, and that’s why they can’t acknowledge facts right in front of their noses.

Have you ever met someone who was an atheist or into wicca or spiritism, and they enjoyed horror films and ghost stories, but have never actually experienced an unguided, authentic spiritual out of body experience? How about a drug-induced hallucination or a near-death experience? That’s what this film provides, a safe place for learning the truth about these facts. These are actual answers by people who have had experiences like this, and have survived to tell the spooky tale of what they saw on the other side of the veil. Sometimes, it’s not horrific at all, it’s actually glorious. But how can something that horror films always depict as horrific be… glorious? Because on the other side of the veil is the One True Creator God. And He doesn’t hate you but loves you.

There’s an entire body of knowledge that so-called intelligent people ignore. Does this make them smart? No, but fool-hearty.

For we know that if the tent that is our earthly home is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. For in this tent we groan, longing to put on our heavenly dwelling, if indeed by putting it on we may not be found naked. For while we are still in this tent, we groan, being burdened—not that we would be unclothed, but that we would be further clothed, so that what is mortal may be swallowed up by life. He who has prepared us for this very thing is God, who has given us the Spirit as a guarantee. So we are always of good courage. We know that while we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord, for we walk by faith, not by sight. Yes, we are of good courage, and we would rather be away from the body and at home with the Lord. So whether we are at home or away, we make it our aim to please him. For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil. Therefore, knowing the fear of the Lord, we persuade others. But what we are is known to God, and I hope it is known also to your conscience.” -2 Corinthians 5:1-11 ESV

This film is the perfect time to invite friends to the theater, friends who like horror, and who want a thrilling experience, but do not know God. This is one of the best purposes and meanings behind good horror films, and it is really just a documentary that recounts real-life events, but in a sometimes, spooky way. This film is at least the second-hand experience that will teach and inform people on why these near-death experiences happen, and what they can learn from them. It may bring people peace about death, about what we are here to do in life, and who is the Lord of the afterlife.

Get your tickets here, and there is the potential to buy a BOGO or to even get free tickets if you order soon!

I hope to see some of you at the theater tonight, or to hear about your film-watching experience of After Death! Let us know on our social media, or comment down below (with subscription).