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Angel Studios Acquires Letitia Wright's 'Possum Trot', About A Small Church With A Big Heart To Protect Kids

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Were you aware that Letitia Wright, who played the Wakandan techno-genius Princess Shuri, of Marvel's Black Panther, was a devout Christian? There's more to her than many Hollywood interviews might suggest, as she isn't only an actor but also a producer in the US and in her UK hometown. But even though this does appear to be her first faith-based film that we're aware of, either in the US, or in the UK, this is certainly a great start!

Possum Trot, about the small east Texas town of the same name, is home to a small church that made a great sacrifice to do something about the lost and abandoned children stuck in their foster care system in Texas. The pastor there played an integral role to inspiring their church to make huge sacrifices to adopt 77 children. Considering the size of the church, this is the equivalent of 3 or 4 children per adopting family. In all of this sacrificial work, they discovered an elegant approach to solving so many of the issues of their community, and a connection to human trafficking was uncovered.

Let the Possum Trot First Look video explain some of this. The pastor of this brave church ended up writing a book about this experience, called “Small Town, Big Miracle: How Love Came to the Least of These," but the film will likely reveal much of this story as well.

This is part of Angel’s ambitious theatrical slate this year, which we just mentioned with our recent story on the film, Sight. Possum Trot fills out Angel Studios' slate of films to reach theaters this year, and this one is vying for that top slot that Sound of Freedom filled last year, the coveted July 4th release date.

And very appropriately, Possum Trot has a story that follows in the vein of Sound of Freedom as well. It proposes a surprisingly simple solution to child human trafficking that is so elegant and powerful. Considering that, as the First Look video suggests, 90% of children who are trafficked at one time belonged in the child welfare services, which includes the foster care system. This means that, if churches like Bishop Martin’s church in Texas, will work to provide the best families to protect children in this program, trafficking WILL be greatly reduced in our communities.

But even more than that, following this true story of a church like this one, a test case example has been faithfully provided, which has provided data, and that we know works.

In steps star, Letitia Wright, from the Black Panther movies, who heads up the production as Executive Producer, along with Peacetree Productions' Joshua and Rebekah Weigel, who direct and produce. The film stars Nika King, Demetrius Grosse, and Elizabeth Mitchell.

This looks like it could be a hit and not only a hit, but could provide such an elegant solution to our human trafficking problem that it changes the face of the nation.

Check out this additional background to the true life story behind the book, and Bishop Martin’s church, provided by Orphan’s Promise.

I hope you enjoyed this article! It looks like Angel continues to grow! What are your thoughts on this acquisition? Let us know on our social media or down below (with subscription).