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Academy Award Winner Mira Sorvino on Faith, Human Trafficking & Sound of Freedom

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Did you know Academy Award winner, Mira Sorvino, who played Tim Ballard’s wife in the Sound of Freedom, is a Christian who fights against human trafficking? Well, after watching Sound of Freedom, so many things become so much more clear to us. Things like the fact that human trafficking is now surpassing the drug trade in criminal activity around the globe. Things like, human traffickers can sell a bag of cocaine once, but they can sell a child over and over for years! And things like, so many of our media, both liberal and conservative have a wrong and dangerous view of human trafficking, which is potentially the only reason why they oppose Sound of Freedom.

Mira Sorvino speaks here on iHollywoodTV, explaining human trafficking, and what it takes to fight it. It is truly a disturbingly easy crime to participate in, but people just don’t understand how their bad actions can support a billion dollar human trafficking industry, that even harms the most vulnerable in society.

Mira Sorvino on iHollywoodTV, YouTube

If you haven’t seen Sound of Freedom yet, please go here, and experience what people are talking about for yourself! You can buy tickets or pay it forward for others to see the film!

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