Brian Festa, Director of "Shot Dead," on the Steve Deace Show

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by Jon Croft
Brian Festa, Director of "Shot Dead," on the Steve Deace Show

If you heard our great article yesterday on Five Times August… (that’s right you need to “hear it”), then you may also know how I heard about Shot Dead, the new documentary about the latest vax injury cases in the post-covid era. Watching Five Times, I got to see this video, featuring Ernest Ramirez and his story about the loss of his 16-yr old son Ernesto, Jr. to faulty medical recommendations. These recommendations have never been re-evaluated or ruled as faulty. But why would this be the case, since this creates an unsafe place for us all?

What about Shot Dead? Ever hear of the film, Nefarious? Well, this film turned me on to Steve Deace because Steve produced and wrote the novel the film was based upon, A Nefarious Plot.

Nefarious (film) - Wikipedia

Steve Deace had the director of the film Shot Dead on his show on Nov 2nd, and so the connection naturally occurs after this. After all, Ramirez (above) is also participating in the same effort the producers of Shot Dead, We The Partriots, and Five Times August are all working towards, justice.

33 minutes in he discusses the film and interviews the director, Brian Festa.

Steve Deace has become one of my favorite political commentators lately because he does not censor nor compromise his religious values for the sake of politics or “winning.” He knows you do not win when you put it above your principles or your sense of morals. We were supposed to learn this in middle-school athletics, but many parents continued to beat into their kids the idea that if they don’t win, there is no point in playing the game. They have harmed their kid’s self-worth through this backwards sense of meaning, which only cares about outcomes. It is caring about outcomes more than that person's inherent human value that leads to a progressivist policy of mandating of outcomes, called equity, which is the opposite of American freedom, which allows for a multitude of differences.

So, if we care about humanity and our beautiful differences, how can we require others to get a treatment that they do not want? We can’t. We are the caretakers of our own bodies, not the government, and not the church. Mandate it all you want, but you will find that many Americans know the score. We know that this leads to a far worse fate to give up our bodily autonomy to a governing body, a body which might escape prosecution or accountability for its mistakes. But we know who will be punished if we fail to care for our own bodies… it is us. And that punishment is administered naturally.

This is called natural law, it is far superior to an elected body of know-it-alls.

So, what happens when people want to have medical freedom, but they aren’t allowed to, for whatever reason? This leads to abuse. That’s what happens. Until these cases of abuse are resolved, we will continue to suffer more and more abuse, as a society. It will be endemic and harder and harder to prosecute the farther you get from the crime. And the more entrenched these powerful abusers are, the longer it will take to punish them, which means they get to do more and more damage.

We pray that We The Patriots, the film, and people like Five Times August and Ernest Rodriguez can continue in their work to raise awareness and build more social compassion and understanding on this matter.

Luckily, this film premiered on Nov 9th, and is available to the public in it’s entirely on

Did you enjoy this article? Did you hear about Ernest Ramirez's son before? Were you aware of Shot Dead, and have you seen it yet? Let us know on our social media, or comment down below (with subscription).

Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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