Laura Horn’s Comedy Gem Parodies “Try That in a Small Town” with Squeaky Voice and All

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by Jon Croft
Laura Horn’s Comedy Gem Parodies “Try That in a Small Town” with Squeaky Voice and All
"Try That In A Trad Crowd" video. Credit, Too Far with Laura Horn

It’s true that we can mock the cancellers, and ridicule journalists who promote attacking citizens. But sometimes its just better to show people how good comedy is done, by modeling harmless parody, and responding to comedy the way you’re supposed to, as free speech which bears an opinion. An opinion that doesn’t have to be perceived as incitement, hate, or harm to any community whatsoever.

This comedy is a needed commodity now, more than ever.

Liberal media has forgotten something vital. Speech is the very fabric of what living in a free country means, for what humans are we protecting when those very humans have no rights to speak or to joke? No, these hypersensitive cancellers are a weaponized political group, that claim they are protecting people, but only end up seeking to stop us from enjoying comedy, music, art, and free speech. They are hypersensitive children, who cannot tolerate a challenge to their ineffective political theories.

So, of course we all need some of this comedy in our lives… because of the absurdity, and the drama known as the internet.

To get specific- in the wake of the Jason Aldean cancellation attempt, we can’t help but notice that those who treat our musicians and artists as some kind of Hitler (because they wrote a song you don’t like) has a certain air or silliness to it, and every bit of their contempt for the 1A freedoms of their fellow Americans should be roundly mocked, and then defeated in the public sphere of opinion. But first, we start with the comedy. Because comedians are some of our most precious assets on the school bus when the ride gets a bit long. We need some pigtails pulled, folks.

The great thing about comedy is, you can target a community based upon how well they may take your comedy, and then go from there. And since the left takes comedy as some attack on their vulnerables, like someone literally gassed them in a chamber (so much teenage drama), a comedian can overlook them at first, but then aim at a different community.

That’s right, try out that outrage like a hobby horse, before you get to that bull ride. One that might call you a name, but they wont necessarily call out the Antifino black shirts on you with their German language interpreter app, and target you in a court for kangaroos to get you charged with a hate crime. Instead try out the larger Christian community, some of which only pretend to be authentic believers, and instead use their platform to push politics, worldly cultures, and hedonistic lifestyles. So the Progressives in church might holler heretic (because you believe in a Holy God, unlike them), but they aren’t as accustomed yet to breaking your legs with a sledgehammer out of compassion. That’s coming later.

Now it’s time to pull the pigtails of the hippie priest that thinks he’s a girl. Here’s “Try That in a Trad Crowd,” by Too Far With Laura Horn.

“Try That in a Trad Crowd”. Credit by “Too Far with Laura Horn” on YouTube

Comedy ensues, while making some social commentary happen. I know, I know. It’s so not fair to the lefties. Political speech isn’t allowed on the right, because if it was it’d mean we’re in a free country. And we wouldn’t want that, would we? No no. Dictatorship is much safer for these children. The left wants to be in a dystopian totalitarian enviro-regime. But do they understand yet, that they might get one if they keep begging for one, like a homeless junkie that will only eat Flintstone vitamins laced with meth? If a charity gives them a hoagie and a prayer and they will toss it on the ground and curse at you. This possibility hasn’t even occurred to them yet. They might end up completely unmoored from reality. Or has this already happened, and they’re just too insane to realize it yet?

In the meantime, we kids in the back of the bus get the best show of the emperor wearing no clothes. The progressive idiots who seek to eliminate all social rules, keep trying to call out the police on those who’ve broken no law. And they shudder when we make them a joke, because they don’t get that it isn’t us who made them do these things. They made themselves the brunt of every joke in geography class, when they failed to even identify a single nation, capitol, or even continent that resembles the real world we actually live in. They don’t possess half the knowledge that small towns possess or that medieval thinkers cultivated, but Christendom continues to be the flyover country they seek to enslave, simply because we protect our own communities, and have opinions.

Time to watch this comedy channel some more, and dig into these kinds of channels, because love is more strict than the left thinks. That’s ok with us. It’s all kind of absurd and delightful to discover. We know the trad chads are far better than the liberals in the end. Even if we’re not Catholic or Orthodox trad, we know this. So you pretend believers deserve every pigtail pulling you get, folks.

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Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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