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Director of 'His Only Son' and 'Jacob' Shows That a Higher Standard in Biblical Filmmaking Can Exist

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When I saw this film, it changed me. When I heard that more of these were coming, it made me excited for the future of faith-based film and media. There is hope after all.

For some of us this livestream is just an emotional Bible discussion with a merchandise give away at the end, but for others this is a passionate revelation of how biblically-inspired films can change the future of the faith-based film genre around the world. It's the difference between a cynical sequel-filled money-grab from Hollywood and the kind of authentic cinema that filmmaking was invented for. A true art form.

But how can a mild-mannered southern-accent toting former-Marine change "the single-greatest American art form"... film? Simple. He authentically cares about the source material, the craft of visual storytelling, and the well-being of his viewer. This means that with the world-changing story of the gospel, and the full-on empathy machine that film was meant to be, the fullest potential can come forth, as long as the craft is executed well.

Hoo-rah, indeed.

He gives us an inspiring message here embedded in the story of his creation of His Only Son. My hope is that David Helling continues on this same path, never becomes a jaded worldly artist, and never waters down the true power of the gospel in his films and work.

His upcoming film, Jacob, can also embody this vibrant ethic of faith-based filmmaking... let's see what God can do!

But, there is another great development to this story. His Only Son is now free to watch on the Angel app. For awhile it was only available to Guild members (subscribers and voters on their platform), but now it is free to everyone!

Here is where they give these announcements!

And, here is the trailer to His Only Son if you are now considering if you should watch it! You really need to!

If you've never read the story of "Father Abraham," or your church has never told you his story yet (sadly, many churches fail at this job, today), you can go here to get the quick rundown of his story, and therefore a deeper understanding of our story as Christians.

I think there is far more to filmmaking than simply presenting facts, because there are many aesthetic questions, illuminating moments, and preferences you may have as a sophisticated consumer of the arts. But let me just say that as a filmmaker myself, no films have ever been able to capture the historical and thematic elements as well or as beautifully as the more recent Angel projects in my view, including The Chosen, and His Only Son. There are many who do not approve of this level of quality, because they believe that it must mean that the artists put their own art above the mystery and truth of God (idolatry), but this is simply an accusation that the facts don't bear out.

Instead, watch it for yourself, have the discussion, and reap the rewards of seeing these same gospel stories in a fresh and authentic way. Take a turn towards aesthetic beauty in the church (instead of fearing man's judgment), and take a turn towards cultural richness. In this choice you can better understand what the modern church has been missing, and see the wealth that God has waiting for us.

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