Dennis Quaid Discusses "Reagan" and New Gospel Album "Fallen: A Gospel Record for Sinners"

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by Jon Croft
Dennis Quaid Discusses "Reagan" and New Gospel Album "Fallen: A Gospel Record for Sinners"

Dennis Quaid may be known for his movies like The Right Stuff, Innerspace, The Rookie, The Day After Tomorrow, and many more, but he’s had a long history with music too, especially with gospel. His journey from cocaine-addicted sinner to a God-fearing man is discussed with the guys at the Jesus Freak Hangout Podcast (JFH Podcast). Listen to the podcast, and to the newly-dropped album on Spotify.

But more than just an album, Quaid represents where Hollywood has been, and where it needs to go, repentance in Jesus Christ. He wrapped production on “Reagan” almost three years ago, directed by Sean McNamara, in which he reticently played the conservative-hero-President Ronald Reagan. Reagan was, likewise, a believing actor who found his way from acting into serving in other ways. In this case, he was giving hope to many in our country through their other talents. Reagan did it in the 60’s, and again, in the 80’s, giving hope to the nation writ large when the Cold War came to a head, leading us all to fear a nuclear winter. But Reagan had the courage to lead us to victory against the “Red Scourge” which hated America as much as so many on the left do today. They didn’t get the memo that communism failed. Still, so many in Hollywood, never studied the history, and still hope in blood-soaked communist delusion, but maybe someone like Quaid can scrape the scales from their eyes.

This is what Hollywood needs: hope. Don’t listen to me, listen to Deadline here, who discusses “miracle-worker” Reagan who brought hope to Hollywood after the 1960 SAG strike, citing residuals as a peacekeeping mechanism. Now with the evil tech gods of Silicon Valley throwing billions around, who knows if the Dennis Quaids of our country will ever be listened to again, due to the social media censorship, but they can at least hope a new Reagan will light up their screens soon with Reagan, and maybe a Republican reformer-president can light up their political hopes in 2024.

"Peter Bart: The Club They Used to...", credit,

There is sadly, no new news on when Reagan will be coming to theaters, but we eagerly anticipate it, since it’s already been almost three years since it wrapped.

But Hollywood sure could use you now, ‘Ole Gipper.

In the meantime, light up your music with these gospel gems, about half of which were original pieces by Quaid, and the other half the most fabulous classics. Enjoy!

You can also go to the Jesus Freak Hideout site to hear the podcast there, where they discuss music, faith, and culture.

And here’s also an interview he did with American Songwriter, about the new album.

Ronald Reagan with Cowboy hat

Did you enjoy this article? Did you know Reagan was Hollywood’s hope in the 1960’s, and America’s hope in the 80’s? Do you think Hollywood could learn something from today’s Reagans like Dennis Quaid? Comment on our social media, or on this page below (with subscription).

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by Jon Croft

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