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Chris Pratt Takes Stand Against Allegations

Gordon Correll, CC BY-SA 2.0, unmodified

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Chris Pratt, or “CP” as he prefers to be called on the MCU set, is again up for cancellation with random netizens calling him names and asking Kevin Feige for his unceremonious exit from the MCU, while others calling him one of “…the best people in my life” and “unspeakably kind to people”. Recently, he starred in Jurassic World: Dominion, and is now appearing in Thor: Love and Thunder alongside the “other Chris”, Chris Hemsworth.

Nevertheless, many have been demanding that his version of Star-Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy be replaced by another actor, such as Patrick Wilson.

Director James Gunn tweeted on the topic of Chris’ cancellation:

“For what? Because of your made-up, utterly-false beliefs about him? For something someone else told you about him that’s not true? Chris Pratt would never be replaced as Star-Lord but, if he ever was, we would all be going with him.”
– James Gunn

Many fans are confused as to why there’s been so much hate towards the kind and harmonious actor. This could be a result of online mobs & left-wing “blue checks” on Twitter throwing hate on his new project, Terminal List, for political reasons. Joe Rogan had something to say on the topic,

“He’s a Christian and he’s pretty open about it, and because of that they (liberals) attack him.” -Joe Rogan

This indicates that maybe the hate towards him runs deeper than politics.

Pratt has recently been accused of being active in Hillsong, a famous mega-church that is allegedly hateful because of their anti-LGBTQ views and “gay conversion” therapy. However, he has not been letting people put words into his mouth. “I never went to Hillsong. I don’t know anyone from that church.” He goes on to explain that his church attendance lies elsewhere, namely Zoe Church in Los Angeles. “I go to a church that opens thier doors to absolutely everyone.”

Still, numerous conservative commentators such as Michael Knowles (a Catholic), and Allie Beth Stuckey (a Christian), have been sounding the alarm for Americans to stand firm against the “cancel culture” phenomenon happening around the world, which seeks to silence people of dissenting views in favor of “approved” socially-engineered speech. Michael makes a point that Chris Pratt should not show weakness and should “choose a side.” The key of this position is to understand that in these political commentator’s experiences, it never gets better when we admit fault or to bow in any way to this cancel mob. But instead it only makes things worse for everyone.

With the understanding that the “Woke” political ideology that arises from Critical Theory holds absolutely no belief in forgiveness or in understanding between social groups, this view from Knowles actually makes some sense. The mob only seeks to create more followers called “allies” or “comrades” which in the past have also been called “white knights” that come to save their politically-favored “marginalized” groups (who were at one point “minority groups”) whom they believe to be lesser (turning them into victims). There is no reconciliation between these groups in their ideology because there is no forgetting or forgiving for these cultural sins- only assimilation under a single political banner, which just conveniently happens to be Marxism, known for its assimilation and tossing away of minority groups after using their dried up husk for their own political expedience. *See every community revolution in history.

Allie Beth Stuckey, on the other hand, reminds us of the inner workings of the religious debate, being mostly a “cultural” warrior herself. She reminds us that relationship is important, but in her mind, CP is forgetting that it was people who “were not religious enough” who Jesus had a problem with, not that they were too religious. Citing the Book of James she quotes that “pure religion is to visit the widows and orphans” and to… “stay unstained by the world”. However, it should be noted that from her podcast episode, every reason she stated that a Christian does “religious things” is actually motivated by a more intimate relationship with the Lord, as opposed to obedience to a cultural standard.

Gordon Correll, CC BY-SA 2.0, unmodified

I think we should be understanding of Chris Pratt, and give him a bit of the benefit of the doubt, for his response. It’s understandable that we seek to be honest and truthful about our faith and our witness which I think CP is trying to accomplish. After all, I also see Christianity as a relationship and not a religion. This comes from my understanding of what religion is in our modern way of thinking, which is a man-made system, but a relationship is about seeing God as a personal loving Holy Spirit, who motivates love, obedience, kindness, mercy, and so many other fruits of the Spirit when we apply the law of liberty in our lives. Not a religious law as applied equally to converts, but a personal law that comes through a love-for-God which bears far more resemblance to a relationship in how it works. He motivates us to do good works because of our love for Him, as opposed to because a system of religious dogma or laws said we must do it (or be punished by the church). Every day, as I learn more from God, I feel that His love for us is what gives us everything we need to live, and it’s what motivates the “pure religion” about which the book of James spoke. So this is done through personal conviction.

I do agree that this is a political situation as well, though, and this is important. Chris Pratt ought to count the cost of a possible lost witness if he is going to continue to say things that appear to be a walk-back from his faith. When dealing with this “cancel culture” that we all may have to contend with, we all must remember that not a single person who walked back their statements were immediately forgiven and put into right standing with these perceived “authorities”. Instead, it is seen as an admission of guilt and a continued confirmation that they were “right all along” about the kinds of people they hate. It makes them continue to believe that white people are all supremacists, and that Christians are all colonizers of one form or another. Don’t back down from your intimately-held faith, and don’t back down from your freedoms in Christ. If you do you might not get another chance to make your witness and make it clear.

What do you think about Chris Pratt and the cancel culture we all may have to contend with one day?

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