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Chaz Smith Successfully Funds “What Had Happened Was” Animated Bible Cartoon

Still from "What Had Happened Was" campaign, Credit, Chaz Smith

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So, how did Chaz Smith start a faith-based animation and get it funded? And who is Chaz Smith?

Wait, is he the “funny reaction guy”? No, not exactly. More like, “the pronouncing words incorrectly guy.” Oh that’s right. So, how does he turn into a Christian animator who got funding for his “What Had Happened Was” project?

Hard work, that’s what.

Here’s the interview where you can really learn about who Chaz Smith is. By I Am Second.

Chaz Smith on I Am Second interview

Great interview huh?

I personally never actually saw him on Vine where he made a name for himself as the guy who pronounces things incorrectly, but he went to YouTube, and I got a taste, here.

But before I got that taste on YouTube, I saw his “What Had Happened Was” campaign for his Christian animated show, and it is very charming. Here’s his website at

This dude is pretty inspiring, I must say. He’s got comedy chops too, and has appeared at numerous places including Ruslan, the CCM Magazine, the Jude 3 Project, the I Am Second interview series (as previously mentioned above), the POVz interview series, HuffPo’s 6×60 here and the Social Trap podcast here.

So many great people of faith here giving support and making stuff happen. Each of us in the church can make things happen as we get support from our communities, and we continue to push forward to create something inspiring and compelling for the world, where we are at. “Bloom where you’re planted”, as they say.

Keep connected or give support on his “What Had Happened Was” campaign on Kickstarter if possible, and continue to share the love, here.

Video Snippet to promote Kickstarter campaign on YouTube

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