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Candace Owens Gets a New Contentious Back-and-Forth, In the Form of Miniseries Convicting a Murderer

Convicting a Murderer on DW+, credit, DailyWire+

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Convicting a Murderer, hosted by Candace Owens, drops on DailyWire+ a day earlier than the previously reported Sept 8th date. But will be on X on September 8th for free. This is the infamous docuseries that was made as a rebuttal to the popular Netflix series, Making A Murderer, a few years back. So, it’s job is, reportedly, to paint a different picture of the case, and shed doubt on the slam-dunk attitude about Avery, that he was an innocent man in the crosshairs of an either shoddy or malicious justice system.

Here a quick summation to the case of Steven Avery below, made by Bad Things: True Crime.

Not to be negative about Candace’s new documentary. I’m sure I will enjoy it, and yet I mourn for the good ‘ole days, when Boreing and Shapiro showed us a new hope, a new vision for the future, a new conservative Netflix to rival Hollywood. When did the incredible idea of The Daily Wire star, Gina Carano, being in a meaningful, small indie action movie disappear into thin air? Action movies are fun, they get eyeballs, and they gather honest fandoms. I think DW should have kept making these kinds of films, and not stopped at Terror on the Prairie, last year. It was good, but not stellar.

We are getting the pundit-hosts mostly making docs now, and (it seems) one or two major productions like Pendragon, which may take two years just to produce and release. I really enjoyed Run Hide Fight, Shut In, and Terror…, so I guess I hope they keep making these kinds of films too. You can play me the world’s smallest violin for me now.

Here is my article on The Pendragon Cycle.

I will also have to admit, I’m not a major Candace Owens fan. I consider her to be the only “deliberately offensive” person on The Daily Wire, unlike Ben Shapiro & Andrew Klavan who I happen to deeply respect as intelligent writers who were formerly courting Hollywood involvement. We get the “conservative Oprah” instead, who apparently has to chime in and reduce our collective IQ’s by 20 points by accusing more people of crimes they likely didn’t commit. Am I outing myself?

Ok, Ok. Who am I to say that the man, Mr. Avery, didn’t commit these heinous acts? It’s true. The problem is I can still hear Owens’ support of Kanye West in my head, and her support of Andrew Tate, and her hatred of people who haven’t harmed anyone, like trafficking advocate Eliza Bleu. Her “stir-it-up” habit has become extremely tiresome to me. She seems to be one of those people who are lucky, but whose 9 lives will soon be up.

Maybe I’m wrong? Ok, so let’s see this docuseries, and see if I’m wrong.

Additionally, did you know that already she has detractors online saying that her idea here with this docuseries is starting out badly? Will I feel ashamed if I am proven incorrect this time? Absolutely not. Prove me wrong, and yes, I will watch the entire series. But do I wish that Walsh was hosting it instead? For sure. Do I think he’d likely be more honest and fair in his points in the docuseries? Yes, I do. I have virtually no respect for Candace Owens, even though I’m a proud conservative. Nine times out of ten she chooses the wrong battles to fight. And yes, I think the Daily Wire guys need to reign her in.

Here’s the best critic of her theories, New Scott, as someone who follows true crime on YouTube.

New Scott has followed the Steven Avery Case for awhile. He does an introductory video on Convicting a Murderer. Right off the bat, he says she makes mistakes here.

Next, Candace does an AMA (as-me-anything) for the show, and she only answers two innocuous questions out of many. New Scott says, she ought to be more prepared for this, and I agree. Have some fact checkers on hand, Candace. Go here or below.

New Scott puts up his review of the first episode on DW+ right now. He said he is very impressed with the quality of the doc, but not all of the content of the doc. This is an introduction to the case of Steven Avery, so it doesn’t go too deep just yet. More on this later, as more episodes are released. Go here or see it below.

The first episode will be up on DailyWire+ on Sept 7th, and for free on X on September 8th. Let us know what you think of the series.

On X here to see it for free on Sept 8 –
On DW+ here to see it on DailyWire+ –

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