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Ben Shapiro Draws Controversy By Appearing in Latest Tom MacDonald Music Video, "Facts"

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Ben Shapiro, Daily Wire conservative political guru, has appeared in a Tom MacDonald video, which come out hot and ready very regularly. But this new one appears tailor-made for Shapiro's trademark "Facts don't care about your feelings" mantra that has gained so much traction in the last few years. And it's a fire video as well.

Ben even touts its success.

Some commentators have noted that Shapiro has stated he doesn't believe rap is music in the past (back in 2012). They think this somehow makes him a hypocrite, but at no time does this imply he'd never appear in a rap video, nor did it imply that he finds that rap has no value. But so many just really enjoy taking shots online. They do this while others make a difference in culture by making art.

Additionally, let's not forget that Shapiro isn't God. He isn't unchanging and always virtuous, and I think as a Jew, he knows this. So, he "admitted" as much in 2020. Of course all of this is in good lighthearted banter. Still, others love to take themselves very seriously.

He is letting us know this is all in good fun. So, he is using it to make a statement.

So, I recommend supporting those who make a difference in society, instead of being a complainer, or being unwilling to grow and change or to take a joke.

Ironically, the very ones who complain don't seem to understand what Shapiro's "Facts don't care about your feelings" statement really means. It literally means that our comments that rely upon feelings, drama, and clickbait, are irrelevant in comparison to relying upon a true understanding of what the facts are saying. And the facts are Shapiro apparently respects rap more than many people assumed.

That said, here is his most recent official statement on it. He's a classical violinist, everybody! So, he admits his bias.

Enjoy it, friends, and enjoy many other videos MacDonald puts out! Apparently, he is the most popular independent rapper around. So, find out why.

Some Bach, Brahms, and Mozart as well (along with some Beethoven, and Chopin thrown in there for good measure).

Enjoy, my friends...

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