How Beginning Musical Artists Like Enyo Can Raise Money And Make A Difference

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by Jon Croft
How Beginning Musical Artists Like Enyo Can Raise Money And Make A Difference

I’ve shared about UK Christian musical artist Jonathan Ogden before here, and I also recently found artist Enyo in an entirely different place on Spotify. So how are they related? Little did I know, but musical artist Enyo Agada, also from the UK, raised funds to make an EP album with Jonathan Ogden helping her in-studio. She successfully raised the funds months ago, thank God, but I found this discovery revealing & inspiring.

Enyo’s (pronounced Ehn-Yaw) 6-song EP Through the Years was funded through Kickstarter for around £10k, which included the music production, the videos, the promo artwork, the marketing, and the extra fundraising fees. Clearly her songs & songwriting have a powerful direction that can lead us to follow the Lord in the midst of our trials, which is something we all need at times.

But this leads me to the difficult question of the marketing, which I wish I could assist her with more. One disturbing trend that I see for many artists is to see someone who will work honestly for years to find that it still isn’t enough to sustain a career. This may not be Enyo’s goal exactly- I do not know. But we, at Media Moses seek to be a support and to mitigate some loss artists feel when their work goes out into the universe and they don’t seem to be getting a return for their work.

Listen to her music, and see that it is good. Listen to her heart and know that it has something powerful to say. So why do we see this but then allow their work to fade into obscurity? To provide some support and community- it’s some of the reasons that Media Moses exists.

They started small but meaningfully together at Jonathan Ogden’s studio. They ended up with some powerful melodies that allowed her strong voice to soar over the sonic bed harmoniously. Some great work was done here! Watch their progress below!

Media Moses seeks to stand in the gap for future conservative Christian artists who work to make a difference. We are new to this game like Enyo, but this makes us no less talented or determined.

Please pray for the artists like Enyo, and Jonathan Ogden, and media-types like us here at Media Moses to help promote and defend the vision of a better culture uncorrupted by cultural decay and other collectivist mind-numbed propaganda. We have to work together if we are to make change!

Did you enjoy learning about Enyo? Is it inspiring to see how an artist can start small and make something meaningful with a crowdfunding campaign? Let us know if you are working to make something similar! Comment on our social media, or on our page below (with subscription).

Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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