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Who Is Media Moses?

Who is Media Moses? “Media Moses” is an entertainment, marketing, promotional, news, and lifestyle media company that helps to inform customers about trending cultural movements, artistic ideas, influencer & taste-maker goings-on, media projects, social movements, as well as quality films, shows, literature, music, podcasts, entertainment, and relevant conversations and events that effect the culture and benefit traditional American society, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, or creed. As an American cultural publication, we primarily focus on American traditional values, such as the Judeo-Christian influence that made the freedoms of our country possible, but additionally we drill down into film, music, entertainment, and media that may benefit our American culture as well as any culture. We promote and protect communities, artists, art forms, culture builders, storytellers, intellectuals, and these great American freedoms that make the unity of our pluralistic society possible.

In our current age this must mean that we are willing to go on a long, difficult journey to find honest truths that unite all of us. Thereby, we must embrace the pain that comes from the tension between self-actualization and desire. So, we must accept not having yet arrived at our destination, and so we cannot fully accept those who refuse to go on the journey with us, because refusing the journey towards truth is like refusing life itself. Instead, take the risk, go on the journey of learning about human value as seen through the eyes of truth. The great part about this is that you can bless your fellow man by enriching others with the wisdom you learn. Never think you’ve arrived in your own group or community (yet), but instead seek to improve, learn from others, and benefit mankind BECAUSE you know you’ve been there and you are still humbly admitting imperfection. That’s what we try to do, by going on this journey… this media exodus, so to speak.

Why does this philosophy fit so well with Christianity and Judaism? Because even though this may appear to be a homogeneous statement, we as Jews & Christians freely admit that we are imperfect sinners in need of our God. This is certainly the beginning journey of Christianity, more acutely, so we feel it is universal among Christians to accept this stage of personal human growth, but I believe Jews feel it as well. This is why Christians tend to form pluralistic or multi-cultural societies. We know there is much to learn and that our societies haven’t yet arrived, nor do we claim to be holier-than-thou. So, with the hopes of gaining more nuggets of truth in society, through art, math, science, engineering, and many other disciplines, we believe we will learn about truth (and therefore more about God) in this sincere effort. This is why we can be very self-critical, and this is why we actually believe that this admission of guilt and imperfection actually makes us stronger.

Our particular discipline here is entertainment, news & art through various media. Both curating and creating it. Then we discuss it in open forums, such as in podcasts.

What Do We Make?

“Media Moses” is a media company that focuses on discussions, news, articles, stories, entertainment, trade information, and business information primarily for conservative and faith-based media markets, which is our particular community that we serve, but this could expand in the future.

We engage in creation and distribution of these kinds of stories and of our own stories as well. This may take the form of any media such as written articles, podcasts, shows, series’, films, documentary, video, games, books, comics, merchandise, and more. We do not necessarily do everything in-house, nor do we fund all of our own projects. So we may do fundraising such as campaigns or we may seek investment capital, or we may partner with other media companies to share ownership, or license our work out for distribution or purchase by a business partner. Additionally, we plan to license & distribute work using a variety of platform types, including our own, but also using various video platforms, podcast hosting platforms, radio, VOD, SVOD, AVOD, creative distribution apps, and more. We plan to do this using partnerships and collaborations and then establishing our own leveraged platforms later.

So, “content” and discussing other people’s content is what we do primarily. And just as Truffaut, Godard, or Rohmer of Cahiers du Cinema started as film critics during the turbulent post-war film industry in France (and ended up contributing as great filmmakers in their own right), so we also plan to raise up artists here as we are not satisfied to simply remain on the side-lines of our current “culture war” as people call it. We have something to add to the cultural discussion. Something to add to improve upon what Hollywood has served up to us, like week-old microwaved cat food. Frankly, if we are allowed to find a voice and we can speak to our few fans it will not be hard to compete with this warmed-over Hollywood prison sludge. Just wait ’til you see what we have planned for you!

HildegardeParis, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

What Is Our Objective?

Our objective at Media Moses is to facilitate the exodus of good and humble people to the promised land of freedom, where we can worship God freely, and actually be inspired and entertained. This can happen anywhere in the world if we understand how to do this with love and consideration for others. But more broadly, we travel from an ungodly culture that has formed in the west, subverting even the most pure in our communities with corrupting ideas that divide mankind. We are traveling to a world that allows the freedom and dignity to succeed and fail and to (as a result) discover God in that journey of human imperfection. We are traditionally-minded people (typically of personal faith) who know that entertaining new ideas does not imply that we agree nor that we reject all that is good in the world. So we are traveling from a world of intolerance and hatred of freedom and tradition, to one of inherent human values, that believes in the golden rule, and in kindness towards one another, even though we sometimes fail.

…For us, this happens through promoting good media, and making good media. As art is our discipline, this is why we work on these kinds of projects. This is why we discuss them and promote them.

This journey is not done simply through repudiation of the new global anti-culture we see all around us, but through cultural creation, societal cultivation, and in appreciation of each of our unique nations, cultures, and communities. Each piece of art we give our time and energy to is a monument of story that encapsulates our own powerful message from our own lives. This can also encourage many more to share from our varied traditional beliefs, to help guide others in their own respective journey of faith, to discuss, to laugh, and to cry together. We travel together, as we share our common recognition of the value of human freedom and dignity.

1690 map of Moses’ travel from Egypt to Canaan, Marcus Willemsz Doornick & Pieter Keur, Public domain.

The story of Joseph comes to mind, who traveled as a slave to Egypt, unknowingly saving his people from starvation, and the story of Moses, who embarked on the journey to set his people free from slavery in this same country. We now remember the tabernacle of the Lord in the desert, and determine ourselves to not complain thanklessly, but to eagerly obey, and to busy ourselves with the work of the Lord, which is his temple, his holy sacrament, and His Holy commandments preserved in art for all to see— our hearts.

This is the sacrament of our remembrance.
A guide out of Egypt.
A Moses for our media.
Our “Media Moses”.