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Ye Divides Many, Even After New Albums and Stem Player Release

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Kanye West, who now refers to himself as Ye, has been triggering folks from sea to shining sea since he threw his support behind Donald Trump after the 2016 election, and since he announced his spiritual awakening as a believer in Christ. His 2019 album “Jesus is King” confirmed these seeming changes he was going through. Then the metaphorical red-pills that got taken when people heard about these changes really broke the bank, shook up the liberal hive-mind art world, and made people reconsider who the “deplorables” really are and what they believe.

These obedient masses who couldn’t bring themselves to continue listening to Kanye may have felt that they were being told they could no longer enjoy Kanye’s music without being something akin to a white supremacist if they were going to continue to earn the favor of their political-plantation masters. It’s a shame because freedom is so much better. However, this fear of repudiation seems to be the most important thing to focus on for the modern liberal, honest doubts notwithstanding.

Ye has continually been subject to numerous emotional ups & downs following the breakup and breakdown of his marriage to Kim Kardashian, who gave him his 4 children. His new-found faith has been a respite from his difficult relationship as he tries to navigate his new call to “follow Jesus” instead of the cultural norms of the music industry and the various difficulties that come with enormous fame and wealth. And, as he has stated, his new name, Ye, symbolizes the struggle with these difficult obstacles to finding peace.

Peter Hutchins from DC, CC BY 2.0

He’s been the subject of recent criticism for his choice to release his Donda 2 album on his own Stem player device which is preloaded with the album and costs around $200. This news came just after the new documentary film “Jeen-Yuhs” was released on Netflix which follows his meteoric rise as a producer and as the current reigning champ in the hip-hop music industry. A billionaire already, Ye finds solace in his musical, artistic, and business collaborations that don’t reject his new spiritual self-image.

So we congratulate him on these new projects and we hope he continues to steadfastly stand in the faith, no matter the obstacles placed in the way of his relationship with God.

Will this be possible? As the Bible says, “it is hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.”

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